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Sorry Everyone

Hello DEBTCORE family. This is Nova, and I have some bad news for DEBTCORE. Unfortunately, because of some extreme circumstances, SEAL WORLD and future videos I edit will be on an indefinite hiatus. This means that SEAL WORLD may be our third or even fourth video. The reason for this is that I, Nova, was assigned to edit this video, and I'm actually nearly done. However, because of the things happening in my life right now, I can't bring myself to edit anything for a while. It's been like this for a few months now. DEBTCORE is still one of my favorite things and I am by no means quitting, I just can't work on it for an unknown amount of time. I'm in some insanely hot water but I'll try to keep you all posted on what's happening. Worst case scenario, Blaez is still working on videos and Episode 3 of DEBTCORE will be available by the end of this year. Will this spell the end of DEBTCORE Nova? I'm unsure honestly, but DEBTCORE has a whopping 10 episodes filmed, and we plan on releasing most of them to you all, so there is plenty of content already filmed.

I'm sorry.

- Nova



Hello DEBTCORE heads! Blaez and I are incredibly excited to announce that the first DEBTCORE video is done! The second one has also been revealed. I'm so excited to see people's thoughts on our first video! They get much higher production values from here out, so expect big things (nothing that crazy though, this is a passion project afterall). Make sure to share the video with your friends so people can find us! It's been an amazing journey, and I can't wait for you all to see what else we have in store...

- Nova



- Mirror



Hello DEBTCORE family! Yes, that's what Blaez decided on calling you all. NO COMPLAINING! Oh, this is Nova speaking by the way. Anyway, the first video is nearing completion. Watch this site! I will post the video here when it's done (Not on the blog but the main site itself)! Anyway, I should explain what the delay has been about. Basically, Blaez and I have been quite busy. With constant presure from school it's been hard to edit. But to make matters worse, I have been sick for over three weeks and finding the motivation to do serious editing has been hard in my condition. This has left Blaez, who has a far more chaotic schedule, to do all the editing himself. I feel quite bad, naturally. He has done an excellent job with the video though! He's finished cutting the clips together and working out the pacing, now we just have to finish up some editing bits and add music. It shouldn't be too long, but again, no promises. This is a passion project afterall. Well, that's all I really have to say. Sit tight, and we'll have this video out... eventually!

- Nova



Hello friends! Nova here, and I'm proud to announce the filming is done and we have moved onto editing! Right now, we are planning to release one video a month. I will be posting a DEBTCORE trailer in the coming weeks. Stay frosty!

- Nova



its 2am and I have an exam at 11am this morning. my plan was I go to sleep at 7pm, get 5 hours of sleep, then wake up at 1am and go to the library, which i have done. this is plaze btw. i am in the library procrasinating my work, though i feel pretty good rn. AND OUR NEW GAME IS OUT 12.32.22 GET EXCITED! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME

- the mysterious fungus



Heyo! It's Nova. I finally fixed the domain so it should work for everyone now. Today, December 11th, is the first day of DEBTCORE December. I am home a few days earlier than Blaez, so I'm going to start working on DEBTCORE's general assets while I wait for him to get back. We've been coming up with non-stop banger video ideas so I hope you're excited for what's to come! I know I certainly am. Anywho, I'll cya around pal.

- Nova


College Brainrot

Howdy there! It's Nova. I added some background music (which sometimes doesn't work on Chrome browsers), and registered our domains today! is born! Talk about awesome sauce! Well, not much to report other than that. I've been very busy with uni, as has Blaez, so not much progress has been made. Alas, !~Debt Month is coming~! Okay well I have to go, I have two projects due within 9 hours and it's 3AM! Cya~! :3

- Nova


Plans Continue

Hey everyone! This is Nova again. Just wanted to add something here to fill the void! And also to see if this code works the way I think it does *AHEM* Anyway let's talk business. We've been coming up with plenty of new ideas for the channel, and we expect for the editing of our first video to begin roughly on 11.12.2022. It shouldn't take too terribly long, and we will upload it as soon as it's done. Our next video topics have already been planned out so new videos will be immediately put into production. We are making these during our Winter break, so we only have roughly a month to make videos! To make sure we have consistent content to put out, we may stagger our releases to ensure a backlog of new content for you all to enjoy. We might just release them as we complete them if the demand is high enough though. Anyway, it's 3 AM and I'm probably pissing off my sleeping roommate so I gotta go. Cya next time!

- Nova


Nova created this website

Hi! I'm Nova, one of the team members here at DEBTCORE. Today at like 1 AM I made this website. I taught myself some basic HTML and now I am slapping this thing together lol. It's 2PM rn, earlier last night I also made the DEBTCORE logo which is neat. I'm very excited to begin editing our first video, I'm sure Blaez is too. I just added the blog section, expect to see some fun behind-the-scene stuff posted here from upcoming and past videos and projects. Alright, I'll cya! :3

- Nova

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